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About Antony

In 2001 at the age of just 21 years old Antony Chesworth, while in his bedroom, decided to start programming an ecommerce software solution that would let anyone setup their own easy to use online shop and spend life doing something they love.

This ecommerce solution became, the UK’s number one system. The company now employs over 88 team members in EKM’s award winning £3.5m office in Preston, Lancashire, featuring a legendary three-storey slide.

Prior to starting EKM, Antony went to Lancaster University where he earned a living by designing websites for local businesses and working as a mobile DJ. He also ran a very successful programmers website called ‘The Programmers Vault’ which was later sold to United News & Media.

After programming in the first version of EKM, Antony tried without success to get customers on board. The inevitable happened and before too long Antony had no choice but to claim the dole and run up a massive credit card debt in order to fund the company. During this time he even tried to seek investment and loans, unfortunately several banks and funding sources looked at the business and decided it was never going to work, thus no money was raised.

Antony persevered and through a mixture of cold calling and advertising he managed to get his first customer to sign up for EKM in October 2002. From there the snowball effect started, through word of mouth (the customers loved the system) and the availability of money to pump into marketing, and the company started to grow.

Since the first customer in 2002 EKM has helped over 80,000 businesses setup a successful online shop. These customers include several high street names such as Lotus Cars, ITV, PGA Golf, Chicco, Oxfam and many more.


After helping thousands of people to become millionaires he became known as the millionaire maker. It is estimated he helped to create over 3,000 millionaires. 

In September 2021 EKM was acquired by ClearCourse a private equity backed investment company. Antony was moved up to head the entire retail division comprising of 7 leading businesses (including EKM) and approx 250 team members.

He now runs several other businesses including a residential property business (Anthalca Ltd), a commercial property business (Chesworth Estates Ltd) and a private fund management company (Chez Capital Ltd).

Antony is a massive advocate and supporter of Entrepreneurship and Small Business and regularly speaks at public events and advises governments and large businesses on how to create world class teams and grow businesses.

All while encouraging people to spend life doing something they love.

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